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    L'Amministrazione Comunale che mi onoro di guidare ha accolto con grande interesse il progetto artistico del Maestro Franco Cilia inteso a valorizzare lo spettacolare gruppo roccioso che guarda da Nord la nostra Ragusa e ad esaltarne la naturale potenza scultorea dal punto di vista storico-tradizionale e dal punto di vista artistico. La Città di Ragusa non ha dato solo i natali anagrafici al Maestro Franco Cilia, ma in un certo senso anche i natali artistici, costituendo il terreno su cui è cresciuta la sua ricerca e la sua straordinaria capacità di interpretare e tradurre, a partire da questo microcosmo territoriale, le grandi tematiche della contemporaneità, con i suoi slanci e le sue paure, i problemi irrisolti e le illuminazioni che portano il lettore delle sue opere a scoprire nuovi cammini e ritrovare la nascosta identità personale e sociale.

    The town of Ragusa is not only the birthplace of Franco Cilia, but it can be said that he was born here from an artistic point of view as well. This is the land where his research developed and also his extraordinary ability of interpreting and expressing, starting from this local microcosm, the important themes of modern society with its enthusiasm and fears, the unsolved problems and the flashes of inspiration which lead those viewing his artworks to look for new paths and to rediscover their hidden personal and social identity.

    In his never-ending research among the images of man and nature, of spiritual imprisonment and the labyrinths of the mind, of human and anthropomorphic beauty, the infinite forms of the stone of the Hyblean lands become mysteriously similar to the human, social and urban environment and try to find answers to the many troubling issues in the world.

    This can be said for his Pietre antropomorfe, which he presents as if they were coming out of the depths of the Hyblean lands and as if they had been rough-hewn and sculptured by some telluric force.

    Now the artist Franco Cilia has taken up again a project outlined some decades ago and has represented it, turning his attention to the rocky spur on the Hyblean hills surrounding Ragusa, in order to understand the ambivalence of life in those rocks called Timpa ro nannu, shrouded in ancient legends according to which they hide a treasure. It is a real artistic challenge to create a work of art starting from an imposing anthropomorphic sculpture measuring m by 40m.

    Devo dire che mi è piaciuto molto. Un banderas o simili mi sarei aspettato Si spingeranno completamente in area ostile dove è presente una massiccia presenza di talebani che si sono sanes con la popolazione locale. D anche io ho pensato la stessa cosa Le riprese inizieranno a luglio e si svolgeranno in giro per il Mondo. XD io consijeri un mio amico ke è la copia sputata del Principe!

    10 Best Buona serata.. images | Italian memes, Good morning good night, Good night wishes

    Il fratello più grande di Dastan è Tus, seguito dai gemelli Fahran e Fahrad. Dastan si alleerà con una principessa sua rivale da sempre per fermare un despota in procinto di tije una tempesta di sabbia capace di distruggere il mondo Dastan è il figlio più piccolo di Shahraman, re di Nasaf. Ma lo vedrei bene solamente in Warrior Within. We live in a place where the population has suffered deeply but has always managed to overcome all sorts of problems with the pride and dignity of invincible people.

    Now our town has the chance, thanks to one of its most important artists, to show everyone the deep ancient emotions connected with those rocks in a silent procession of feelings before one of images. In my opinion, Franco Cilia has managed to carry out an artistic intervention without radically transforming our landscape.

    His work is, in fact, invisible during the day when the sunlight continues to illuminate the untouched centuries-old rocks, the result of unimaginable upheavals of tormented nature. However, at night and, from now onwards, every night, it expresses an extraordinary force and intensity in the dark when, from the shadows, a silent procession of disturbing figures appears. They are the expression of our doubts, of our sub-consciousness, of the shadows which have disappeared from our life.

    This is a great project which will certainly enrich our town and which will, due to its strategic position, be another attraction for those who love the town of Ragusa. Thanks to this intervention the Rotonda at the end of Via Roma, for example, and various parts of the inner road leading to Ragusa Ibla, may, once again, as we all hope, become special places.

    Non che Franco non abbia preso, saggiamente, le sue precauzioni. Già, cristiani: uomini e donne in carne ed ossa, con nelle vene il nostro stesso sangue. Forte di questa scienza nuova, nel Settantasei Franco ha infine provato a impossessarsi del tesoro incassato nella roccia.

    Aveva capito, infatti, che il tesoro non era dentro la montagna: era la montagna stessa, il suo profilo di mano che saluta e benedice, il paesaggio incantato che protegge e che rivela. Guardiamolo in faccia, con il dovuto rispetto, e forse lo sapremo.

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    It has been considered a sort of common land, to hand down from one generation to the next and this is how it has been seen by the artist Franco Cilia, who has been using the rocky spur for many years as a backdrop for his artworks, setting at the foot of the rock face the eternal story of mankind. He has, though, wisely taken precautions.

    Before challenging the giant rock, he tackled its smaller brothers, those anthropomorphic mossy stones where the elements have, in their own way, shaped features of grotesque masks. Yes, it is true; they are men and women in the flesh and the same blood as ours is flowing in their veins. Thanks to this new idea, in Franco Cilia tried to take possession of the treasure hidden in the rock. He was going to ride across the rocky spur on horseback, but he preferred to attack it from the top, illuminating it with beams of lights.

    He had, in fact, understood that the treasure was not inside the mountain but the treasure was the mountain itself, its profile similar to a waving or blessing hand, the enchanted landscape which is, at the same time, protective and revealing.

    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Discografia (1970-1999)

    The miracle lasted only one night. The dark shadows took over the rocky spur again and nothing was said about it for another thirty years. Nowadays, thanks to the support of the town council of Ragusa, the rocky spur is shining again like a torch in the dark.